Tuesday, October 28, 2008

No more calls we have a winner

Steve scored a mint old Healing off trade me over the weekend, just in time for the Tour de Tamaki. Loving that double top tube.


Sunday, October 5, 2008

A good start

Righto. We seem to be underway. Rich set a high standard by not only hosting the first meeting but also catering. Nice work Rich. 

So what happened? Well we talked a bit about what we are trying to achieve with the GBC, but quickly agreed that we are not actually 100% sure. Beyond having a good time with friends while riding bikes, we don't have much of an agenda. Riding for fun with other lovely people seems more than enough really.

We also decided on our first event...the Tour de Tamaki. It was a close call between sprint races up the Waitak's or fancy dress races up Mt Wellington, but those will have to wait for another day.

The 'Tour' will take place on November 1st, starting from the Paddington pub in Parnell at 11am then winding our way to St Heliers over the course of the next few hours. There are four or five good pubs along the way which we are hoping will be bike friendly. If not, I guess we will just keep riding. If your interested in joining in the rules are simple. No bike over $100, you must wear a helmet of some description and no lycra. Email mike.pepper@bravenewworld.co.nz if this sounds like something you might just enjoy.

We also talked about some club t-shirts or some kind of formal club apparel but Steve Davis had a great idea...felt flags. I'll try and post up an example I've since drawn up but they should be quite useful...perfect for your scout blanket or back of the bike as a safety device. 

So there you are. Four founding members, a real event and some felt flags. We're all go.