Friday, August 20, 2010

Nice work Mamachari

What started out in Wellington by Jason and Sarah as an idea to import second hand bikes from Japan looks to now be developing in to a superb bicycle restoration service as well.

Upcycling in it's finest form.

Nice work Mamachari.

Paul Smith. A man of fine taste.

I've always admired Paul Smith for his fine range of gentlemen's attire and general curiosity for all things cycling related.

Lovely to see then that he was not only born in the home of Raleigh but a proud owner of one of it's finest exports.

White Wall BSA

Finished restoring Johns BSA a while back but it taken a bout of the flu to give me time to actually post the results.

I replaced and regreased all the bearings, got the dynamo working for the rear light and put on new grips and tires.

More pics and story here