Thursday, April 29, 2010

Glendowie Bicycle Restoration Workshop. Now open.

The Glendowie Bicycle Restoration Workshop is now open for business. Steel bikes only. Will work for alcohol or bicycles parts.

Short run-down on how it came together...

The garage under the house - as it was. Not exactly a professional outfit. This is half-way through ripping the old workbench out.

Bench gone. I have no idea how to put bolts into concrete so framework remains.

19mm marine ply for bench top and backing board. Note petrol guzzling V8 in background. (AYHSMB).

Possibly the most over-specified work-bench of all time. Dressed 4x2. Even where you can't see it. Bit carried away.

Bench top in place.

Tools up. Special features include a blue vice to go with the Park tools. Rotel am/fm tuner (2 years of searching trade me) and Rouler calender (air freighted from the UK). May my wife never read this blog.

Special close up of tools. Mrs Chairman works for Avanti who import Pedro's, hence the mixture of Park and Pedro's. Sad but true side story - I emailed Park tools and they sent me a bunch of stickers to put up.

Very handy ball bearings. Headsets, Bottom brackets, and Hubs.

First restoration project in the new workshop. Sutt's 1972 Raleigh Limited. New bearings throughout plus a spit and polish. Also convinced him to throw on a Brooks Tan B66 (the original vinyl seat was split) and some Panaracers. Mint bike.

The happy 'customer' outside the newly refurbished G.B.R.W.

If you need to get your old steel bike back rolling get in touch. Like I said I'm fully supportive of the barter economy. As long as the barter involves beer, wine or bicycles parts - cheers for the Panaracers Sutts.

Saturday, April 24, 2010