Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A good excuse to own a polo mallet

We're thinking a game of bicycle polo might be in order. New York couriers seem to have invented the urban genre and defined the rules, but it was the photo above from Knog that really sparked our interested. 

All we need is a suitable venue. A paved court, but with sides of some description to keep the ball in play. Close to Glendowie a bonus.

Ideas anyone?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Putting the terroir back in to cycling

Holding a wine and movie evening in anticipation for the world's greatest cycling race seems to have hit the mark, with the 28 spaces available filling up in little under a day.

We'll be undertaking a gastronomic "Tour De France" up at Maison Vauron in New Market, with wine and food from 6 different regions of France, followed in the goodness of time by a wide-screen showing of perhaps the finest cycling documentary every made "A Sunday in Hell".

Cycling to and from the venue on a French made bicycle is recommended, as are French costumes and generally high levels of panache all round.

Vive Le France indeed!

That feels better