Thursday, March 26, 2009

Invercargill here we come

Stumbled upon a lovely Raleigh Randonneur Touring Bike over the weekend for $20 from the local Sacred Heart School Fair. More photos and details here

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wheelmen and Ladymembers

Photo courtesy of Adam J Scott

Rain, hail or shine the Gentlemen's Ride will go ahead next Friday 20th March. 5pm the Paddington Pub in Parnell, leaving along Tamaki Drive sometime around 6pm. Bring a brolly if it looks inclement.

Preparations by the individual riders seems to be coming along nicely with both Trade Me and the Salvation Army Outlet Stores reporting a flurry of sales of old bicycles and tweed three-piece suits respectively.

For those gents still looking for sartorial inspiration I'd recommend a quick gander of the recent Tweed Run in London. Splendid stuff.

Lady riders may likewise want to peruse the ever lovely Copenhagen Cycle Chic

If anyone is short of a bicycle I may be able to rustle up a fairly respectable 1980 Healing 10-speed, complete with original kickstand. Just let me know

Please pass on this message to others you know who may wish to join us on the day.