Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cycling official’s shock weight gain

-- Mmmmmm, pig hock

He used to be a skinny cyclist; a natural climber whose envious power-to-weight ratio saw him dance on the pedals in a style no other cyclist could match.

But that was last month and countless greasy binges ago.

Now, the only dancing is performed by fat jowls and the wasp nest swinging to its own rhythm under his chin.

And, like the red blood cell count of the Spanish pro cycling team, it looks like the needle on the GBC Chairman’s scales is only going one way – up.

GBC members attending a recent club meeting at German eatery Conditorei Carinthia looked on in horror as their once bird-like Chairman devoured a giant pig’s hock and 23 pints of lager – all before the meeting had even commenced.

Another day, another pig hock - a leaner looking GBC Chairman gets his first taste of pig hock. If only he'd stopped after the first pig.