Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gentlemen's Ride Announced

UPDATE: Ride postponed till Friday 20th March due to shite weather headed our way. Same place/time etc.

Forget the Tour Down Under. This is the big one. The first annual GBC Gentlemen's Ride. 

Don't let the title fool you, all welcome, especially the ladies.

This will be slow biking at its finest, so leave the lycra at home and dust of your Raleigh Twenty. Ride will kick off at 5pm, Friday 20th of February from the Paddington Pub in Parnell. From there we will wander slowly along the Tamaki Drive cycle-lane, stopping for amber liquids as needed. End destination is La Vie En Rose bar in St Heliers. They are expecting us.

$3.49 entry fee, but that will also give you lifetime membership to the Glendowie Bicycle Club, so outstanding value all round really. Please have the correct change available on the day. Stevo the treasurer is no good with money. 
Looking forward to it already.


Anonymous said...

Does the $3.49 include the tshirt?

Glendowie Bicycle Club said...

Shout the first round at the Paddington and the t-shirt yours.

Raoul said...

I am concerned at the whispering among certain female associates, who, despite GBC protestations, claim lurid motives are behind the innocent entreaty, "Hello Ladies". This, of course, is pure folly and anyone showing lewd tendencies will be pushed off their bike.

Did you say beer? said...

What! All this ladies talk makes me want to dust of the knickerbockers and mount a frisky steed. Good lord. Raise the tail!

Anonymous said...

Is this a come one and come all the more the merrier slow bicycle ride? It sounds like it could be fun.

Glendowie Bicycle Club said...

Any one, any bike, any riding costumes. Just no lycra.

Should be great fun.

Glendowie Bicycle Club said...

UPDATE: Ride postponed one month to 20th March due to shite weather.

Rgds Chairman MIke.

Anonymous said...

Postponed. Arse. I was all set and had booked my leave pass. Guess I can put my pipe away for a month.