Monday, February 16, 2009

Glendowie Bicycle Chic up for grabs

After a fair bit of pressure from Mrs Treasurer (on left), Mrs Chairman (on right) & Rachel of Takapuna (absent from photo) we are relieved to announce that our club t-shirts are now available for the ladies. At this stage we have only done a yellow version. But what a flattering yellow it is to be sure.  

If you'd like to win one, just leave a comment with a caption for the above photo (and your email address if you're really serious). Given we get about 2 comments a month, even something mildly amusing should be in with a chance for best caption. We'll do the draw next week sometime.


Anonymous said...

Caption: Hang on a minute, my falsies are coming out. --

Glendowie Bicycle Club said...

Mrs Chairman does look like she could eat a babies arse through a picket fence. Must be the angle of the camera or something.