Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A good excuse to own a polo mallet

We're thinking a game of bicycle polo might be in order. New York couriers seem to have invented the urban genre and defined the rules, but it was the photo above from Knog that really sparked our interested. 

All we need is a suitable venue. A paved court, but with sides of some description to keep the ball in play. Close to Glendowie a bonus.

Ideas anyone?


Anonymous said...

A car park. There's bound to be an empty one for the evening taking. At the local college? Old folks home?

Anonymous said...

Actually, I'm sure there will be a suitable paved area in the Mt Wellington Quarry development. I'll check. Lester

Glendowie Bicycle Club said...

No panache in a quarry development Lester. :)

Did you say beer? said...

The curtain raiser to a polo match?

Did you say beer? said...

Lunn Ave's John McG says his work carpark (in Penrose) is empty on Saturday afternoons and all day Sunday. Additionally, he says he could open up and avail bar/social club services. Sounds like panache to me.

the Scarlet Manuka said...

How's the polo been working out for you?

There's a game going down on Sunday, Nov 22nd at 3:30pm on Howe St (by Auckland Girls Grammar), should you be interested.

Glendowie Bicycle Club said...


No game has happened yet...waiting for sunshine and some spare time in general.

I'll let the GBC crew know about this Sunday - see if we can get a few along! Thanks